Sunday, 21 September 2008


As is to be expected, a more of a slow and rather melancholy day has to arrive at some point. I think I'm just a little bit homesick, in the sense that I miss being with people that I know and that know me inside and out. Even though I've met a lot of seemingly interesting people, it is tiring to constantly be interested in them. Somewhat similarly to what I've asked myself before about emotional capacity, maybe a person possesses only a certain amount of social capacity, too? I'm someone who likes being with other people and especially new people, but I need a lot of time by myself to balance it out. To contemplate and to set my thoughts into some kind of order. Almost all of my favourite pastimes are something that is done best alone, in fact. I'm afraid if I don't get enough time by myself for a change, I might say or do something that I don't want to. The worst case scenario, that is actually not that far fetched considering my heritage, is that I will drown my need for solitude and contemplation in some form of addiction. And I most certainly do not want to go down that road.

in life
one is always balancing

like we juggle our mother
against our father
or a teacher
against another

three grains of salt
for one ounce truth

and I've begun
to balance
the pleasure of loneliness
against the pain
of knowing you

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thissilencekeepsmebreathing said...

Jag tror att jag älskar dina inlägg, både de med foton och de med text. Du skriver som du fotograferar; känslosamt och verkligt, levande. Nu lät det säkerligt lite fånigt, men det är ok bara du tar till dig. :P / Peder (