Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lost And Found.

I've come to a conclusion in my strive for finding an answer to the question, "where has my inspiration gone?". The fact is, almost all media - I, we, our generation or whatever one might call it, is exposed to - is unsupportive of actual brain activity. Probably to avoid the possibility of anyone disagreeing with the values we are handed. I've already stopped watching television for this particular reason. Now I see that is not sufficient if I want to protect the opinions I've seemingly adopted on my own accord (how can I ever be quite sure?). I've already taken a violent dislike to films and books where the author or director deliberately leaves no room for the observer to contemplate over the content or the values stated in it, they are simply made to be absorbed and embraced accordingly. These particular works seem to be rather highly esteemed in fact, by popular opinion. What I've recently discovered is that the wonders of the internet also seem to have a similar effect on me. I need not take more than a few hours break from it, and suddenly I can think on my own again. 


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