Thursday, 23 October 2008

Burial On The Presidio Banks.

I've had an underlying thought at the back of my head for some time now, which I, for reasons I've decided to sequester for now, haven't found the time nor energy to quite bring to a conclusion. Suddenly on Thursday morning, however, while I was - somewhat indecently dressed - running around my apartment in a desperate search for any form of clothing, I grasped what I had been trying to apprehend(multitasking is the key to success). 

I've always been quite the elitist when it comes to intelligence, as a character trait I've considered it fundamental. Despite being told by others that "there are other attributes" I haven't quite grasped the fact that intelligence in itself does not entail or effectuate any other attribute. Until now, that is.

What I've come to realize, both through interaction with a lot of people rather varying in kind, as well as simply meditating on the matter, is that intelligence is nothing more or less than a simple matter of choice. I've philosophized on the concept of a person having specific capacities in different aspects; about a person having social and emotional capacity, and the ability to exhaust these capacities. 

I think intelligence in fact is a capacity too. Not, however, in the manner it is usually considered or measured. Intelligence is a simple tool, that correctly used is quite the powerful one. It grieves me to say that more often than not it is not used correctly(in the greyest context possible), alternatively not utilized at all. It is also an attribute that needs to be exercised so as not to abate completely. For someone born with intelligence this entails a choice that a person born without it does not need to make. Whatever a person of intelligence decides to do with the choice is determined by other attributes.

What I've learnt is that intelligence in itself is not something to aspire for or look for in other people, but rather to search for people who have chosen to be analytical, solicitous and respectful. And I've decided to live accordingly.

Furthermore, I've embarked on a journey that is reading a book called "A Million Little Pieces", by James Frey. It will most certainly be a difficult read for me personally, but I want to see it through, I find it important that I do.

I was standing
on the surface
of a perforated sphere
when the water filled
every hole
and thousands
upon thousands
made an ocean
making islands
where no island
should go

those people
were overjoyed
they took to their boats
I thought it less
like a lake
and more like moat
the rhythm 
of my footsteps
crossing flatlands
to your door
have been silenced

the distance
is quite simply
much too far
for me to row.

it seems farther than ever before.

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Anonymous said...

Insightful and thoughtfully written to say the least. Interesting not only in making me think of something in a different light but also as a peek into your noggin.

More intriguing with every post.