Thursday, 16 October 2008


I'm back after twenty hours on the road, carrying my entire world on my back; camera, computer, music, a pen and some paper and of course, my head. Which is aching from sleep deprivation; or caffeine poisoning, which, now that I think about it, is exactly the same thing either way you choose to express yourself. A day filled with bright lights and busy, distant people. On the train home, however, I got a chance to relax. Surprisingly my mind was suddenly filled with thoughts that felt the need to be expressed, almost as if I had an epiphany.

"I have, just now this very moment, come to realize a very fundamental aspect about my writing. It has become clear to me that what I choose not to put down in words in fact speaks more loudly about how I feel than what I do. I've assumed I've chosen not to mention a single significant person in my life, not by name or otherwise, because I wanted to stay anonymous. The fact is, I now know this illusion is in fact, an illusion. I am absolutely terrified of letting people into my life, and letting myself feel connected to someone, in the fear of being hurt, I assume (rather confident of myself to keep assuming facts about myself and how my mind works, isn't it?). As if writing about these important people and letting someone into my life would entail handing them the power to control it as well. The truth is, whether I am willing to admit it or not, there are some people in this new home of mine that have affected me in one way or another. Turns out I do like people in particular, just not in general."

I can see 
it all tonight
a perfect sky
where the universe
revolves around 
the pupil of an eye
and infinities 
stretch out
from infinities 
I'm a part 
of everything

am I falling asleep
is it all 
just a dream
the cars 
are like water
and the road
is like a stream
rolling down 
through the city
flowing out 
into the sea
going nowhere 
like me

when the morning
starts to glow
out in the corners
of the sky
all the people
come and go
and the time
just passes by
then I'm only
gonna see it
from the corner
of my eye
when the planet 
it sings
like the wings
of a dragonfly.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another nicely worded and interesting post, and in the middle of the night none the less. Huzzah!