Thursday, 9 October 2008

Just Like You Imagined.

Two of my absolute favourite quotes can be applied to describe this day in all its glory. The first one was uttered by existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre, the second one is from "The Roman", written by, in my humble opinion, the greatest author to ever walk this forsaken planet, Mika Waltari.

L'enfer c'est les autres.

Olen jo kyllästynyt tähän levottomaan maailmaan, jossa viisaus istuu ovensuussa röyhkeyden juhliessa.

Today I am shying away from all humankind. There seems to be no limit for people's rudeness, impolitiness and insolence. It seems to be considered more socially acceptable to resort to obscenities in order to be noticed, rather than observing and contemplating in a manner resembling what was once valued by the greatest thinkers of the world. The strive for wisdom is not, as I had dared to hope, what people build their lives around.

I am, dare I say, disappointed.

And as a consequence, for one day, I'm filling my ears with music instead of talk devoid of content.

It makes a man
out of me
you take the fun
out of me
and I've been consistent
to the fucking dream
and I've paid
my dues
just to get them
all back

I'm just a skeleton.

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