Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Complications You Could Do Without.

Delightful, heartening, enlighting, jovious, facetious, protracted, somber, dolorous, sepulchral.

on the floor
at the great divide
with my shirt tucked in
and my shoes untied
I am crying
in the bathroom

in the morning 
when you finally go
and the nurse runs in
with her head hung low
and the cardinal
hits the window
in the morning
in the winter shade
I thought I saw
you breathing

oh the glory 
that the lord 
has made
and the complications
when I see his face
in the morning 
in the window
oh the glory
when he took
our place
but he took my shoulders
and he shook my face
and he takes
and he takes

and he takes.

I have a pressing urge to ride a train. Whereverto. There and back again.

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