Monday, 3 November 2008

I wonder if the waves get weary
with the salt and surfers on their backs
or if the wind is angry 
when it throws the rain against my windows?
I wonder if the mountains are lonely
or only aloof
if the desert is as sullen as it seems
or only sad?
I wonder if the gulls are sick
of eating fish
if the sandpipers don't get tired
of dodging waves?

maybe we could send a man from earth
to study the stress on the waves
to chart the temper of the wind
and the temperament of the mountains
to tell the desert jokes until the sage shakes with laughter
to feed the gulls a balanced diet with mineral supplements
and the sandpipers?
well tune them into TV
to hear the future of the tides

I wonder funny things
do sandcrabs live in condominiums?

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