Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Let The Seasons Begin.

And I know winter
will pass by slow
without my heart
what can I do
and we grow fat
on the charms of our 
idle, dreary days
see the shadows grow
see an ominous display
with no alarm
could we say
we had expected
this that way
under certain death
penance and decay.

I feel rather despondent as winter, with its murkiness, is at my doorstep, pounding on the windows. I can feel it surrounding my house, telling me to stay indoors, preferably under covers. The vacant side of the bed is permanently occupied by stacks of books, mainly dealing with issues ranging from substance abuse to nuclear war and its consequences. In other words, I am not feeling all that jolly.

carousels twirl
all around
we are tonight
in a world
full of thrills
it can carry me up
far above it all

times I've betrayed
it's a long way down
from here
to the sound
watch the faces
go 'round
to the stars

then the ground.

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