Sunday, 23 November 2008


Time. What a guileful rapscallion. I am surely not the first one to point out the slippery quality of time, how she always escapes the grasp of busy, occupied people, and refuses to fly when life seems dreariest. Still, it exasperates me immensely that I cannot have twenty-seven hours in a day. Twenty-four hours just does not quite seem to suffice with the hectic lifestyle of people in  today's unfulfilling, alienated and impersonal society. Today I realized I missed out on Sunday, my favourite day, because I simply had forgotten to write down "leisure" in my day planner.

I feel as if I am on a constant adrenaline high, in a perpetual survival mode. A state of mind where, in addition to not feeling hunger or fatigue, I cannot say I feel or think at all. I am devoid of everything beyond instinct. I, quite monotonously, get up in the morning, perform what needs to be performed and collapse in my bed in the evening. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night in order to have some time just to read. Almost as if I'm on a diet, but at nights I sneak to the refrigerator to eat ice cream. During the day I dream about those transitory moments of nocturnal solitude.

Acknowledgement is the first step towards being cured, I suppose.

Time. What a cunning scalawag. The whole concept of days divided into hours is merely a configuration designed by man, who is to say if time abides by the rules we have imposed on her? In fact, there is proof of her not doing so, since every once in a while we just have to add a day to our year in order for everything to add up as it should. This to me is perplexing. I think  time is too clever a character to simply adhere to our laws.

asioistaan vaitonainen
kyyneleensä kiertää
päältä jäinen
rakkaudessa kerjäläinen
kuljettaa ja hiertää

hei tie
vie reunalle ja yli
kauas täältä
sinne missä oon
vie toiveista pois
sylistä syliin
en enää tiedä
missä oon
kännillä sotke päätä
mä oon 
paperisen ohut
ja mun sydän 
syväjäätä kasvattaa.

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