Monday, 1 December 2008

The Flame Beyond The Cold Mountain.

I will not succumb to this. I might as well assign some sort of machine to perform my daily tasks, allowing me to remain in the domain that is my own, my lair, my home. Nothing is required of me here. There is no need for apologies and explanations. 

Then again, how would I evolve if I should obtain a state of complete desolation? Peace is found in solitude, surely, but can one truly continue down the arduous path of self exploration without ever being compelled to question one's thoughts and ideas? True wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing, indubitably; but if my thoughts are the only ones residing in my mind there will never arise any occasion to cast aspersions on them. 

I shall conquer myself.

and spacerockets
tend to leave me cold
man can walk
upon the moon
to gather dust like gold
and I am only bored

just make a bigger roar
and fancy homes
are gaudy tombs
really nothing more

quite easily ignored.

Something worth reading.

This person's writing continuously provides me with inspiration; a guiding light, really. The ingenuity and artistry - delivered with a generous dash of wit - is simply staggering. He never fails to entertain or excite one's intellect. Spot on and nonpareil.

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Anonymous said...

A poet's deep heart, a scientist's keen mind - you are everything to all passions. Intriguing like no other.