Monday, 9 March 2009

For Your Consideration.

passing through
unconscious states

when I awoke
I was on the onset
of a later stage

the headlights are
beacons on the highway.

Living in a shared existence - not the most unchallenging of tasks.
One is faced with something so wholly unbearable as one's own loathsome conceit.

An Owner's Manual For Me:

I manage to turn even the most unremarkable of day-to-day tasks into grand events that deserve acknowledgment. This, of course, applies only to tasks I myself undertake.
If my grandiose hubris feels the slightest bit hurt, it will find a way to stab you in the back when you least expect it.
I am temperamental to the extent where I might be experiencing twelve feelings simultaneously, resulting in paroxysm.
If I seem quiet or tranquil, there is a distinct possibility I am ill.
My expectations for others greatly exceed those I harbour for myself.
As it happens, I love musicals. All of them.

Anyone sharing a habitat with me should be Decorated For Outstanding Bravery. Or at the very least, allowed to sleep for as long as they like in the morning.

all these people
drinking lover's spit
the sit around
clean their face with it
swallow words
while giving head
listen to teeth
to learn how to quit
tied to a night
they never met
better take some hands
and get used to it.