Saturday, 2 May 2009

Living in slowmotion.

The concept of sustainable living - an attainable one?

That is what I've been trying to figure out the last few days. This is not in any way an unfamiliar territory for me to dwell in. About a year ago I had similar aspirations. Looking back now I realize I had a very naive outlook on the whole concept. I was, in a manner which I now think is a rather common one, looking to fill the empty spaces in my life with the luxury of affording "organic" and "ecological" products, without really giving much thought to the values behind the words. I am in no way any less overjoyed by the fact that the more ethical brands have taken a more modern and "fashionable" approach when it comes to defining their image and advertising it, but I think this is the downside to it. Consumers applying the, much too familiar, disposable attitude to products that were meant to provide an alternative to a lifestyle so vilely widespread nowadays.

My epiphany, of course, was brought about by my economical independence. Apprehension, even for the most pigheaded, is reached under compulsion.

Today I realized how inspiring having a specific goal actually is.

I am a dweller
a preoccupiee
an obsesser.

Without being consumed and driven by a certain something, my creativity wastes away. Now I have something driving me - the ambition of creating a sustainable lifestyle. In every aspect.

Today instead of buying new, organic and fairtrade-marked clothes for summer I chose to buy second hand fabrics from The Red Cross to make clothes out of. Instead of being blinded by marketing techniques, which I arrogantly think I seldom am, I chose to think about the values behind them and what they are really trying to convey. This might be an obvious comprehension to some, but I really had not given it a thought. The organic clothing are just as much newly produced, packed and shipped as the regular ones, despite the fact that they have been produced in a way less destructive on the environment. They still have been produced.

That is why I choose, which both my money purse and the rivers in India can be thankful for, to recycle already produced and used material and make it into something new, all the while letting my creativity run amok.

These new aspirations even spawn an abundance of layout ideas - hence the updated blog design.

on no account
will I succumb
to be disposable

but when
will I be
living in slowmotion?

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Patrik Moen said...

But what then will Freetrade Jesus do? He will cry, that's what!