Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I spend a good bit of my time online, reading the random writings of random people. These writings are in fact more commonly known as blogs. I, however, strongly feel that the word "random" should be in the title, or at the very least in the immediate definition of the concept of a blog. Naturally this would be the place to insert one or two not so positive remarks on my experiences of most blogs, especially widely popular ones, but I shall not stoop quite to that level. A lot of the time I actually do find immense comfort and inspiration in these writings of other people, some whom I know IRL and some not.

I myself have been pondering on the concept of having a personal blog. As a person who inhabits a whole litter of personalities I find it difficult to keep to just one online place of writing. But I know owe that thinking to a slowly fading "me" who has persisted on separating all the other sides of me from each other.

There is of course the brooding me.
And the temperamental me.
The over-analytic neurotic.
Let us not oversee the treehugger.
She is of course friends with the socialist.
The hedonist. The superficial aesthetically inclined.
The nerd. The romantic.
The self-proclaimed artist.
The observer. The meddler. The pain in the ass.
And of course the self-involved, who cried all the way home.

I accept that I am, and will forever remain, a paradoxical person. And I believe all are. You might feel shallow one day and a philosopher the next. There is no need to deny that fact. We should instead be proud of inhabiting the capacity and having the right to have multiple personalities.

I know I am trying to be. So there's that.

Trade your demise
for mine
a tissue
for a cigarette
my eyes
are dry
but on the inside
I'm all wet

I picked
a bad day
for the beach
crowds of scarcely
clad sides of meat
our world's all wet
but on the inside
something's dried.

- I will stick to one blog from now on.

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