Monday, 13 July 2009


The time here on the tiny island paradise draws to a close. It has been so much I never wanted it to be and still so much more I could have ever imagined. There are just no words left. I am leaving my family for who knows how long. And today it feels alright for the first time. I am going home.

I made a list of all the things I will remember, and I thought it sounded much like a poem.

the fuzzy horizon
the moon that vanished
and turned from red to white
in a single night
all the spikes on the plants
and colour contrasts
flies that light up like fireflies
from the light on the veranda
the hedgehog
and the bats
all the parasols
and the haystacks
in the endless fields
black pines
and the trip up to the top
filled with laughter, tears
and bags of vomit
by Amina
the taste of mint and cinnamon
cheap wine
the most surprising party
sprinklers and rainbows
the evil witch
on the mountaintop
lazy days and StumbleUpon
The Silmarillion
and my stepfather reading Lord of the rings
to my sisters
the paper-thin walls
that enable me to hear it as well
the three of us crammed in a single bed
watching bad films
eager speculations on Aion
the dog that assumed an attitude
an inspiration that came back
with a roar
cheap beer in Pafos
and how beautiful it was
against the white parasols and the blue sea
the forgotten restaurant in Lofou
with the fancy forks
the best halloumi in Kellaki
the president
and speculations about his
frequent visits to our village
we think he has a mistress here
because no man should visit their mother
quite that often
the traffic
people stopping in the middle of a crossroads
to pop into the shop to get some cigarettes
the fact that you can smoke in Ikea
and pretty much anywhere
which is why they don't sell
nicotine gum here
to my mother's woe
and last but not least
when you realize how much
you really like someone

and again

and again.

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